Top achievers celebrated at the 37th SUA prize giving ceremony

On Thursday, 25th November 2021, Sokoine University of Agriculture community members gathered at Multipurpose hall to celebrate and recognize the outstanding performance and successes achieved by students and staff in academic, research, and unit website ranking for the year 2020/2021


The ceremony, as in the past, takes place one day before the graduation ceremony and is used to award top achievers in all academic departments, with certificates of recognition and prizes donated by various individuals and organizations. The main goal being to recognize their efforts and encourage them to continue to be more committed.

The official guest for this year event was the Acting Morogoro Regional Administrative Secretary Dr. Rozaria Rwegasira who represented the Administrative Secretary Ms. Maria Mtunguja.

Speaking to attendees of the event, Dr. Rwegasira called on the students of Sokoine University of Agriculture to make good use of the education they received, to be creative and innovative so as to improve their lives and help the community around them to bring development.

She commended SUA Leadership for providing incentives to students and staff as it increases their motivation and asked all donors to consider the possibility of increasing the size of prizes in the future to increase competition.

For his part, SUA Vice Chancellor, Prof. Raphael Chibunda said the main purpose of having an award ceremony for students who performed well academically, in leadership and research each year is to encourage them to continue to work harder in their studies and keep a competitive spirit in them to achieve their goals.

On this special occasion, professor Chibunda congratulated the awardees for attaining their best performance in their areas of specialization and made it clear that their efforts and competence have helped to give the University a great reputation both locally and internationally.

This is the 37th year that SUA organizes an event like this, in this year, the number of prizes given was 220 including 203 students from various units, 5 best researchers, 6 leaders and best unit website 6

The unique thing about this year is the impressive performance from female students where the number of award recipient was relatively large compared to their male counterparts.

All the names and various gifts received can be accessed here

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