Report from the 38th SUA Graduation ceremony

On Friday, 26th November 2021, Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) celebrated its 38th graduation where the University Chancellor, retired Judge Joseph Sinde Warioba conferred Certificates, Diploma, Bachelor degrees, and Ph.D. awards to 2020/2021 graduands.


For this academic year, the number of students who passed and fulfilled all the requirements for graduation was 4,078 where the number of Men is 2,358 and Women 1,720 (you can view list of all graduands here)

This year's event was held at the Edward Moringe Campus (Main Campus) unlike in the past where the event used to take place at the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom square in Mazimbu.

Speech by the Chairman of the University Council, Hon. Mohamed Chande Othman
The Chairman of the University Council retired Chief Justice Mohamed Chande Othman during his speech, described how the university has continued to carry out its various responsibilities effectively including overseeing the university Management to carry out its core responsibilities which are to teach, conduct research, provide professional advisory services and extension.

He noted that SUA has continued to live the dream of the first Chancellor of the University, the late Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere who in his address at the Inauguration of Sokoine University of Agriculture on 26th September, 1984 said the University must recognize the needs and solve the problems of Tanzania's agriculture and rural livelihoods.

On behalf of the University Council, Hon. Chande Othuman thanked the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania for the financial support they continue to provide to the university as without the money the university would not have been able to carry out its responsibilities effectively.

Hon. Chande also used the opportunity to join parents, guardians, relatives, friends and all stakeholders in education in sincerely congratulating all the graduates on their achievements. He congratulated teachers, staff and all stakeholders who contributed to help students achieve their dreams throughout their time at the university.

Speech by Vice Chancellor, Professor Raphael Chibunda
In his speech, Professor Chibunda said the university has implemented its day to day activities and responsibilities based on the University Corporate Strategic Plan (2021 – 2026) and in accordance with the policies, guidelines and regulations set by the University Council and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

New students enrolled at SUA
Prof. Chibunda said in the academic year 2021/2022, SUA has enrolled 4,694 students for undergraduate programmes, 489 students for postgraduate programme (Masters & PhD) so currently the university has a total of 14,581 students of whom 13,827 students are from undergraduate programmes and 754 are postgraduate programmes; The number of foreign students in SUA is currently 101 from various African countries and outside of the African continent.

University Success in Research 
Speaking on the area of Research, Prof. Chibunda said in the period from December 2020 to date, the university has attracted 40 new research projects worth shillings 9,078,354,423.78 where the projects are funded by various stakeholders from within and outside the country.

He added that SUA is one of the Higher Education Institutions in Tanzania that will benefit from the Higher Education Improvement Project (HEET) funded by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and the World Bank.

He said in the project, SUA has been allocated 74.19 billion shillings for the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure, procurement of equipment and facilitation of staff training. The project will be implemented over a period of five years from July 2021 to June 2026.

University Visibility and Ranking
Professor Chibunda also spoke about the performance of university in various ranking leagues noting that SUA has continued to excel in academics and research where according to the results released by the Webometrics Ranking Web of universities in its July 2021 edition, SUA was ranked 51 in a list of best 100 universities in Africa and number 2 out of 53 Universities in Tanzania. University positions rose by two places compared to the January 2021 results where SUA was ranked 53 in Africa.

In the area of publication citations, SUA has been ranked number 1 in Tanzania, and 31 in Africa with 98,143 citations on the Google Scholar citation index according to the results released by Webometrics on July 2021.

In the list of the best 50 researchers in Tanzania released by the ad scientific index, 19 researchers come from SUA. In that list of the best researchers in Tanzania, number 1 is Professor Rudovick Reuben Kazwala also from SUA, and out of ten best researchers in Tanzania, four of them comes from SUA

Message to all graduands
Professor Chibunda joined the Chairman of the University Council in sincerely congratulating all the graduates for their efforts in the studies that have enabled them to fulfill their dreams and that these achievements will be a catalyst for success, productivity, and creativity in various nation building activities including wealth creation and quality services to society and their nations

Professor Chibunda urged them to become ambassadors of SUA's by displaying good character and work ethic and that it is the university's expectation that they will use the skills and knowledge gained at SUA to work hard and be impactful wherever they will be.

Story and Photo by
Calvin Edward Gwabara - Office of Communication & Marketing, SUA


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